Monday, 4 February 2013

Casio Waveceptor Solar WV-100J

Over the last few days, I've been blogging more novelty watches, so I've gone for something serious today.
Over the years, Casio has produced many lines based on their key features - for example, Casio Illuminator, Casio Databank, Waveceptor, and Tough Solar. Today's watch, the WV-100J, actually falls into all of those categories, but is mainly under the Waveceptor range.
The Waveceptor range are watches which synchronize with various broadcast stations around the world to make sure that the time is always correct. There are two stations in Japan, one in the US, and two in Europe (UK, and Germany) - this model was for Japan and the US only, and doesn't appear to have the option to synchronize with the European stations. It is however possible to manually set the watch either by time zone (so you're covered while travelling), or direct setting.
It is also a solar powered watch, with a ring of solar panels around the edge of the LCD display. At the edge of the LCD, in the top left lies the power meter with 4 blocks, and if the power gets down to 1, some functions start to become disabled. There is also a power saving Recovery mode (which is indicated by a block in the top right of the display) which activates if you use the alarm and/or Illuminator el-backlight too much in a short time.
All this and more is powered by a 2514 module, which has time, date, 4 alarms, dual time, and stopwatch. The data memory stores 315 letters, and will keep small memos - memos can also be attached to alarms to display a message as the alarm sounds.
The watch has a round LCD display, with the time in the centre (4-digits), and seconds below. Above the time is a band of dot matrix (35x5) which normally has date and day, and shows messages depending on where you use it. Around the edge of the LCD are the function markers, signal strength meter, alarm indicators, and power meter.
It is made from steel and plastic, and is 5 bar water resistant. The strap has a part number of S-911L.


  1. Do you perhaps know the meaning of the c r s symbols at the upper right of the display?(next to the nattery power level)
    I can't find it in the online module manual.
    I bought this watch and I think it is beautifull, it's a pitty that the calender is only programmed till 2039 in stead of 2099.

  2. I found out, s is for sleep mode and r is recovery mode. The c is still unknown.

  3. The c stands for the charge soon alert before the battery runs empty.