Thursday, 14 February 2013

Seiko Wired - Dodecagon Dial 5Y66

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers.

I'm using a smart watch today as I've got a dinner date with my wife tonight.

The one I've chosen is part of the Seiko Wired range of watches that was released in 2000. The range seems to target up-market looking designs that are quite flashy. You can see more of the different Wired watches using the list of tags in the right of the page.

The watch is a heavy steel item, with a thick 12-sided (dodecagon and dodecahedron shaped) glass covering the face. It is a 3-hand dial, with 3 dials on the face, one showing the 24-hr time, and the other two for the date. For the date, it has a standard 31 point dial, but for the day, it has a retrograde dial on which the hand jumps back from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

The design of the watch has lots of shiny and matt faces at angles making it catch the light really well. The shape and polishing inside the jump-hour dial looks like it is a deep hole with the centre raised where the hand is (but the shadow of the hand tells me this is just an illusion).

This particular model was made in 2007, and has a model number of 5Y66-0AG0. It uses a Japanese movement, and was cased in China. It has a design matched steel strap, which has a part number of F2S1-E.Q

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  1. I just love the way this one looks. I am not generally a Seiko watch fan but this one is good, I have to admit.