Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DuFFS brand side watch

It's a simple watch today as I'm on the move again, and want something easy to change.
The watch is made for DuFFs, who are a brand known for their skateboarding trainers. They have been around for a little over a decade, and pride themselves on delivering high quality and comfortable sneakers. As far as I know, they don't make their own watches, and the watch has smallprint on the dial stating "This product is made through an agreement with DuFFS".
The watch is a 3-hand dial with a large D in the face. It's shape is unusual being curved and elongated below the dial making it a sort of fish-shaped. The curvature makes it curl around the wrist (and the back is foam rubber padded), and it seems that it is designed to be able to be worn on the side of your wrist so you can see the time without turning your hand (as in the drivers watches I've shown before). It is similar to the Le Marquand Side Watch (that I'll blog about sometime soon), but the long side is below and not above the dial.
The foam rubber backing and velcro fastening fabric strap make the watch very snug and secure on your wrist, so it's good for sports like skateboarding.
The model number for the watch is ESD-503-R1, but I don't know what year it's from.


  1. doesnt this watch remind you of the gundam 20th anniversary watch?i own an rx78 from that line.

  2. How Much is that wrist watch?