Friday, 8 February 2013

Dual Dial ConocoPhillips Commemorative Watch

Another quick update today. I'm travelling between two time zones, so thought I'd have a watch good for travelling!

So, the watch I chose was a dual dial analogue watch, so I could have one dial set to each zone, and could easily change the time.

This watch is by PF Concept and features two dials one above another. They are 2-hand dials, and one has numbers, the other just hour markers.

It was released in the early/mid 2000s for the American oil company ConocoPhillips to commemorate the creation of a new business unit. ConocoPhillips are one of the world's largest independent oil companies, and was formed when Conoco (best known for Jet petrol in Europe), and Phillips (known best in the USA for the Phillips 66 brand).

There is no information on the watch about the specific manufacturer, but it is powered by two independent standard quartz modules (with AG4 batteries).

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