Friday, 1 February 2013

DJ Honda Flash Beam

I've blogged a few watches before where a watch brand has collaborated with a DJ and released a model under both names. Today is a watch where the DJ appears, but with no manufacturers mark.

The watch is called the Flash Beam and is by DJ Honda. DJ Honda is the stage name of Katsuhiro Honda, who is a hip hop DJ, music producer, and runs his own clothing company. He has produced many tracks and has worked with the likes of Mos Def and Red man. The watch is part of the clothing company which was started in in the 1990s, and opened in New York in 2000, but I don't know when the watch was released. The clothing line (best known for it's top selling baseball caps) goes under the name h - displayed the font normally used for his full DJ name, and can be seen above the LCD display, and engraved into the back.

The watch itself is a quartz LCD watch with a 6 digit inverse LCD display, with day markers along the top. The watch is controlled by 4 buttons (two front and two side), and has alarm and stopwatch modes (and a button to display the date). The 5th button operates the Flash Beam which is an LED torch mounted on the left side of the watch. The flash beam was especially designed as a feature for some of his watches, and is there with the purpose of giving light while you operate your decks in a dark club!

The back shows just the model name DJ004 (and the label says DJ004-02), and with no module number, I can't tell if the watches were actually made by one of the larger manufacturers. The label that came with it also has the number 7978 but that isn't too helpful either. The original sale price was 12,000 yen.

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