Sunday, 10 February 2013

Zeon Tech Touch Screen Watch

Today's watch is different as it has no buttons! It's also suffering from the brittle strap problem too, so I can blog it, but it's too fragile to wear.

The watch is the Zeon Tech Touch Screen, which was released sometime in the 2000s (at a guess, maybe late 90s). It has no buttons as such, but if you look closely at the screen, you can see 4 segments with lines zigzagging over them. These 4 areas work as the buttons, and correspond to set (top left), mode (top right), light (or snooze, bottom left), and up (for setting, bottom right). Pressing the screen once activates the screen, and little descriptions appear in each corner to say what each bit of the screen does.

It appears to be a resistive touch screen, as a hard press with a stylus works, but only a very light touch is required with a finger.

The LCD display has two lines, the top is a 4 digit time display, and the bottom row is 6 digits (with smaller seconds) and shows information based on the mode. Speaking of modes, this watch has dual time, and dual alarms, but that's it. There is also an electroluminescent back-light.

On the back there is a number, CE1328B/S, which I guess is model number. For batteries, it uses a CR2032.

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