Monday, 11 February 2013

Star Wars Reversible Strap watch

For an adult, I have quite a liking for kids watches - they tend to be more unusual, or eyecatching than most of the adults ones.

Today is another novelty (probably kids, but maybe a bit big) watch, and one from my Star Wars watch sub-collection, specifically an Empire Strikes Back item.

This watch is more unusual as it is designed to be reversible. There are different designs on the outside and inside of the strap - one side is Han Solo, and the other is Boba Fett (who is a Mandalorian bounty hunter who is after Han). The strap is made from painted resin, and rotates on a plastic pivot, held in place at it's desired angle by two small bumps.

The watch part is as simple as expected, with only time, date, and seconds on a 4-digit LCD display. The only thing to note there is that the display is quite large compared to many LCD panels.

The back of the watch also has decoration, and features a holographic sticker depicting, Han's spaceship, the Millennium Falcon in flight.

There is no information about date or maker on the watch, so from it's look, I'll make a (complete) guess that it is from the mid-90s and would have been released for the special editions of the original films.

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