Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Adidas dial watch 10-0031

Today, I'm wearing a sports brand watch, but one that doesn't feel as sporty as they often do.

This watch is by the German sports giant Adidas. The Adidas company is most known for its footwear, but produces a range of sporting goods including watches. They are the largest sports brand in Europe, and second largest in the world (and are owners of other famous brands such as Reebok and Rockport).

As it doesn't have a particularly sporty feel, I guess this watch is more of an Adidas fashion watch. It is a 3 hand dial quartz powered watch in a metal case (which the back indicates is base metal). The case is silver, and has the Adidas 3 feather 'shuttlecock' imprinted above the 12 o'clock position. The dial is a shiny silver and the centre has the Adidas name repeated all across it. The dial is shiny and polished in a way that it looks like it is bright with darker writing, or dark with brighter letters. Down the centre of the dial is the famous Adidas 3 stripes which is their most recognised logo. It has a leather strap, which the Adidas name printed on the back of the leather and the buckle.

The back has little information about the watch except for the materials, the fact it is water resistant, and the model number which is 10-0031.

I've not found this model online, so I don't know the date. The Adidas watches have been made since the 90s, and so the watch is sometime between then, and I guess probably 2010 (as a more recent model should be easier to find online).

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