Saturday, 16 August 2014

ISI-Tech TI-001 Alarm Chronograph

Today I'm blogging a watch which has a design with a lot in common with a watch I've blogged before.

Today's watch bears a striking resemblance to a rare Casio watch I blogged 2 1/2 years ago - the AQ-441. This watch is an ana-digi with a combination of analogue rotating disc and LCD.

It has a rectangular case with a semicircular window for the 3 rotating dials - hours around the outside, next minutes, and seconds in the centre. In the bottom half is the LCD display where the alarm and chronograph modes are displayed.

The watch is by a company called ISI-Tech, who unfortunately, I've not been able to find online. There are many ISI-Tech companies out there, but none seem to sell or make watches. The model is the TI-001 and that implies this is the first watch in their range (or that they had planned more).

I don't know when this is from as I've never seen another one, but the similar Casio is from the 80s.

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