Friday, 22 August 2014

Swatch Time Slider YSS148HA/HB

I'm blogging another Swatch today, but not a 90s model for a change, although this only missed by a couple of years.

This Swatch is called the Time Slider and was designed in 2001. It was then released as part of the 2002 Fall Winter collection in two versions with a model number of YSS148HA or HB. The difference between the versions was the size of the strap which was either the Small (HB) for 16cm wrists or Large (HA) for 17.5cm wrists.

It is a two hand dial design with very small arrows for the hands peeking out from behind a silver circle in the centre of the dial. The case is one of the small ladies cases, but mounted into a solid clear perspex mount surrounded by metal plate. The front plate sits in front of the dial and slides out of the way (to the right) to reveal the time. The rest of the strap is also clear perspex with a metal  connecting section at the back. To open the strap you press the two buttons on the side of the strap above the face, and the front section opens up.

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