Sunday, 10 August 2014

Storm "Columns"

Today I'm wearing a watch I don't know the real name of, so Columns was the best I could think of.

The watch is by the British watch brand Storm. The brand started in 1989 and produce a range of interesting designs with a distinctive style. It was the Storm brand that started my collection, and they are one of the largest parts of the collection.

This model is a ladies watch, or at least it is smaller than the normal metal watches.  It is a standard 3 hand dial design in a round metal case. It has a metal strap with the usual links, but the first section is a little different in shape. The back panel on the face has a green furry/wiry texture which makes me think of fake undergrowth. Out of this background come the hour markers which are raised to different heights like silver columns coming out of the undergrowth (which is where the idea for the name came from). The top 5 numbers (10 to 2) have been replaced with the letters STORM, and both halves of the strap have the storm name engraved.

There is no model name on the back, just the Storm name and the reg number (1374971). This model also has a Thailand rather than Japan movement. For date, I think this is one of the 90s models as has some similarities in styles to those models.

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