Monday, 18 August 2014

Citizen Vagary GD00

Today, I'm using one of my mysterious Vagary watches again.

The Vagary line of watches are made my Citizen, and are a bit of a mysterious line. Most of the models in this line I've seen in Japan, but there is no Japanese website. Instead, the website is in Italy, and at the bottom of that page is a  note saying Vagary is a trademark of Citizen Watch Italy SpA. Whether this means it is an Italian line, or just that the trademark is held in every country they operate in, I can't say, but it adds a bit more mystery to an already mysterious line. The Vagary watches themselves tend to me a bit different than the regular Citizen lines, and often feature unusual designs or bright colours.

This model is based around a GD00 module and is a quartz dial watch. It has a 3 hand dial in a rounded square case, and a few unusual design elements. The date window is at the 11 o'clock position, which I think is a first for the watches I've blogged, and the crown is at the 2 o'clock position. There is also a 24 hr dial, but this is in the bottom corner and is a retrograde /jump-back design which is also pretty unusual. It isn't the brightest coloured watch they make, but the shiny green and brown combination is different. The strap is a browny creamy leather design with a green felt back, and the buckle has a tiny Vagary V logo.

I've not found this model in any catalogues, but based on the serial number it appears to be from 2005 (or possibly 1995 but I think this is less likely). The full model number is GD00-S030382.

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