Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nina Ricci Dual Dial W950

Today's watch is a ladies fashion watch from another famous brand which I've not featured before.

The brand is Nina Ricci from Paris which was founded by Maria "Nina" Ricci and her son in 1932, but is now owned by the Spanish fashion group Puig (since 1998). The brand was known for its refined feminine designs, along with the fragrances such as L'Air du Temps (which means Air of Time which is appropriate for a watch blog).

The watch is a dual dial design with two small dials side-by-side in a square case (with rounded corners). The dials are set into a stripe of mother of pearl with bands showing a Nina Ricci signature above and below. The face also has the Nina Ricci Paris title, and in small text says Swiss made.

It is quite a small and slim watch for a dual dial design. Inside are a couple of small Swiss made Ronda quartz modules. The modules are a very small nearly rectangular metal module, and are very unusual in that they are 7 Jewel quartz movements (and the first 7 jewel quartz modules I've seen). Inside the back it repeats the Swiss made text and also says Fond Acier meaning that it is Stainless steel.

On the back it has the Nina Ricci name and the text 'modele depose Swiss made', which means it is a registered design. There is also a model number which is W950 (or W 950), but I've not found this one online. As it's not online, it suggests that it's not available anymore, and total lack of information may suggest late 90s.

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