Saturday, 23 August 2014

Future Electronvolt MV2034

When I spotted today's watch, it confused me quite a bit. It looked exactly like one of the Independent 1481010 watches, but didn't appear to have that name on. As I thought it might have been a special edition I'd not seen before, I bought it. But on receipt it appears to be an almost identical design (even the strap), but with no actual connection to the 1481010s.
This watch is called Future, and on the back it says it was produced by Time Reverse. The model has a full title if Future Electronvolt Digital Model which I've see  used for this type of analogue watch with a 'digital' style display (rotating disc). The back also has two numbers MV 2034 and SR 626, this first I think is the model number, and the second is the battery type. As usual with these watches, I can't find anything online about it!
The design is just like the 6038 module rotating disc models from the 1481010 range. It has a rounded rectangular case with the same shape glass. There is a shiny circle at the centre, and to the left of that is where you read the 3 rotating dials. The strap is a stainless steel link design, with the first couple of sections at each side having a slight v-shape.
As the design is so similar to the 6038 watch, I would guess that the date will be the same at the late 90s.

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