Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rubicon Skull Moon LTH-0993

Today, I'm back with the Rubicon watches. After finding that this was a brand with a wide range of cheap and cheerful watches, I've been noticing them more, so have ended up with a few different designs.

Today's design is called Skull Moon and is the second watch by Rubicon that has an 'XXXX Moon' name. The watch has a shiny black rectangular case with a printed glass. Most of the glass is painted black, but there is a window in the painting in the shape of a skull (along with the Rubicon name). Even with this design, they've managed to squeeze in very discrete hour markers with little dashes around the edge of the skull. Behind the window, the face is covered with a sparkly silver glitter paint so the the overall look is of a sparkly silver skull on a black watch. The look is finished by a shiny black patent leather strap.

In the window you can also see the 3 hands of the watch which is powered by a Japanese quartz module. The model number on the back is LTH-0993, and it also has the phrase "The Great Trick Timepiece" on the back plate.

The Rubicon brand is owned/made by Yazaki Co. Ltd who are based in Tokyo, Japan. I've not been able to find much about the brand, but found a Japanese trademark register site which seems to show the Rubicon name was filed for a trademark in June 2011 and granted in August 2012. This is a little strange though, as I blogged my first one in Jan 2012.

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