Thursday, 7 August 2014

Paul Frank Digital Calculator Watch BCDG0606

Today it's the turn of another geek watch.

There is something about calculator watches which inspires/attracts geekiness, and many brands have released their won version.

Today's model is by Paul Frank, and was released at the end of 2005 in a range of colours. The Paul Frank clothing and accessories are made by a company called Paul Frank Industries, which was founded by a Paul Frank Sunich in 1995. It started after he had started making accessories using his cartoon characters which grew in demand amongst his friends before expanding. Paul Frank Industries has collaborated with a range of musicians, bands, and artists over the years, and has supported a range of philanthropic activities supporting children, the arts, and the environment. Paul Frank himself left Paul Frank Industries as an active member in November 2005, and so this may have been one of the last products he was involved with.

The watch has the normal look of a calculator watch with a rectangular case, LCD across the top and 16 rubber keys taking up the bottom half. Looking closer at the keys there is a difference as the main text spells out Paul Frank across 3 lines in light blue and orange characters. The LCD has an 8 character display, with a small line for day markers below. The display modes need a little searching to find as the mode key only switches between the time and calculator display (and is held down to enter alarm and time edit modes). Instead, pressing the right side of the keypad shows the date, and pressing the left side reveals the alarm mode. There is also an el-backlight which is activated by the only button on the watch which isn't part of the keypad.

The back of the watch has a logo with a shadow of a house and line of trees, as well as the phrase "Paul Frank is your friend". It also reveals the inside is a Chinese movement, and the watch model number is BCDG0606.

The strap is a matching pastel blue to the case and also has the tree and house logo on the lower half. The loop for the loose end of the strap also has text and repeats the "Paul Frank is your friend" moto.

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