Monday, 4 August 2014

KG0737 Ana-Digi watch

Today's watch is a bigger mystery than most so this may end up as a shorter post than I normally manage.

The watch is an ana-digi design with a 3 hand dial and 2 LCD windows. It has a horizontal layout with the dual to the left and LCD to the right in a rectangular face. The case is a little more square than the face and connects with the matched black metal strap. The analogue part is a 3 hand dial and has its own crown for operating. The LCD is an inverse arrangement with the top window showing time (6 digits), while the lower window is for day and date. In the LCD display there are two other modes which are alarm and stopwatch.

The back states the watch is water resistant and made of stainless steel. It also contains the only hint to the origin with a model number, KG0737. Searching for this gives only a few hits and the closest match is from a couple of Korean watch sales sites. These link it to a model/brand called Tigerfox which has an almost identical looking model, however that one has the name Tigerfox written on the strap and back too. This made me think that my version was a cheap copy, but as the price for a new Tigerfox is only $36 then I don't know why anyone would try to make a cheap version. Instead, I think that this design is more likely a relatively generic one which is sold under many names, as I've also seen similar designs without any make or model number.

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