Friday, 1 August 2014

Jhonny Blues Presents Volga Fob Watch

Today I'm not wearing anything on my wrist, but something worn on my belt.

The timepiece I wore today has a few names, so I don't know which is the model and which is the brand. On the back is the name Jhonny Blues, and the text says Jhonny Blues presents, which would suggest this is the brand, but I'm not definite on this. The dial has the name Volga which could be a brand or a model name, or just the range.

The case also has a few other bits of text included stating First Class (with a plane image), along with the phrase "Original Since 1956". I've not found any traces of the combinations of Jhonny Blues, Volga, or the date, so I haven't found out the history behind this brand.

The watch is a 3 hand dial on a key fob shaped case. Inside is a Japanese quartz module by Miyota (Citizen). From the case is a shirt leather strip which connects the fastener. The fastener is a heavy duty spring loaded clamp designed to fasten to a belt hook (and seems to thick to be for a chain).

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