Monday, 25 August 2014

Fossil FSL Cyclops FL 8862

I'm back with the Fossil watches again today, and I'm wearing one from their more sporty lines of watches.

The FSL range by Fossil were a set of watches with a more sporty plastic feel than the regular Fossil watches of the time (like the Big Tic). It seems that they came out in the late 90s (as the date for the module begins with 1995), and so fall into the 'late 90s black hole of missing information' (-regular readers will have noticed that there is a severe lack of online information for a lot of different watches released in the late 90s).

This model is the FL 8862, and may have been one of several models with the name Cyclops, which would be appropriate as the display does look like a single large eye. In the 'eye' is a two line inverse LCD display with 6 digits plus the am/pm marker on the main line (which makes up a 7th digit when needed). Above is the day and date, with 10 blocks which fill up with the seconds sitting inbetween. At the very bottom of the LCD is a mode marker with the LCD behind the selected mode turning blank so you can see the black text. For the modes, this has the regular alarm, chronograph, and timer, along with a pace function. Below the LCD is a big black FSL logo which activates the el-backlight (which has quite a loud buzz when on).

The back has the usual FSL black rubber disc with the FSL logo on, and gives the 100m /330ft water resistance info along with the model number. The label that came with the watch also reveals that the watch was cased in China and has a Chinese made strap.


  1. I had one of these back in 1995/1996 as probably my 2nd ever watch in 5th grade. I remember seeing it in a macys flyer at the time and thinking how modern and futuristic it was. Too bad that Chinese plastic scratched easy as my ten year old self found out.

  2. Blast from the past! I have this watch in the same color. As the other commenter said, the case scratches very easily. I wore mine out fishing one summer and the metallic teal paint rubbed off in some spots! I found it while rummaging through things and it will now be a project to repaint and replace the crystal.