Sunday, 17 August 2014

Da Vanci by Piro steampunk style watch

Today it's a metal watch which looks like it should be something from a steampunk movie.

The watch seems to be called Da Vanci, and there is something imprinted in the case saying what looks like "by Piro", but it could be Pico as the font is hard to read. These names don't give anything in the Web searches I've tried, so this is yet another mystery model.

The watch has a very metallic clockwork look, but it is really a quartz watch with a 3 hand dial. All of the cogs attached to the case and printed on the dial are for show except for two. To the left of the dial is a bronze coloured cog which has the date numbers on, and at the bottom is another smaller cog with the days. Both of those are hand turned so are just for indication and do not change automatically. It comes with a metal strap  which has black and silver alternating stripe pattern.

I've had this watch for a while, so I think it came from the 90s or earlier, but I've no concrete information.

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