Friday, 15 August 2014

Nooka Zub Zirc 38 Adventure Time - Jake

Today, I'm back to one of my favourite brands for their combination of cool, fashionable, and unusual - Nooka.

The Nooka brand has been around since 2005 when designer Matthew Waldman took the ideas he'd been working on and started a new watch company. Since then, the Nooka brand has been producing many variations on their concept along with many collaboration models with events, characters, and artists.

They currently have an Indiegogo campaign running for a new limited edition model chronograph (which is a first for the brand). The campaign can be found at this link. So if you like Nooka style, now is a great time to get yourself one!

This model is one of the Nooka collaboration models, and this time with the cartoon series Adventure Time. The Adventure Time story was created by Pendleton Ward and follows the adventures of a human boy called Finn and his companion, a shape changing magical dog called Jake. The series follows their exploits in the Land of Ooo (which are quite Dungeons and Dragons inspired) and its unusual residents such as Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King. The cartoon is in its 6th season and has been a success with the critics and in the ratings. For the watch, Nooka partnered with Cartoon Network Enterprises to produce models inspired by Jake the dog and Finn the human from the series.

This model is the Finn the dog watch (-I'll be blogging Jake at some point in the future) and is in the same yellow colour as the character. On the strap, above the display is Jake's face, while his arms are on the bottom of the strap.

This is a Nooka Zirc design with the hours in a circle of dots, the minutes in a line along the bottom, and a little window for the seconds. The Zirc has a few other modes with alarm and stopwatch as well as the time display. This Zirc design is a a Zub Zirc, and so has the one piece rubbery strap design, and this is a Zub 38 and so has a 38mm wide strap.

The watch is still available from the Nooka website, along with the other 4 Adventure Time designs.

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