Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Casio F-108WH

Today I'm wearing one of my retro looking Casio's, but it seems it's not as old as it seems.

Today's model is the Casio F-108WH which is a bright coloured LCD model. It has a two line LCD with large, clear to read digits, with the main 4 digits in the 6 digit time being larger than the others. The default display has the time and shows day and date on the line above. Inside is a 3224 module which gives is the basic alarm and stopwatch modes, but that's it.

The design looks a little like the early G-Shocks with a large square case and a robust look, but it doesn't have the protective features of that range. It is water resistant, but without specifying any amount, so likely only shower-proof. The strap is colour matched but any 18mm strap would work, and the watch was available in a range of different colours (at least blue, red, beige).

Although it looks like an old model, the watch is available now, and may not have been released until 2010. It is a very low cost model which retails new for $15-20.

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