Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Back Space by Ke!Kosa

Today's watch is an interesting looking watch with a mystery manufacturer, and one I've not been able to find online.

The watch is called Back Space, and is quoted as being by Ke!Kosa (or ke!kosa to keep the capitals the same as the logo. I've tried looking up the brand ke!kosa, but all I've been able to find are a couple of other watches for sale on a Japanese shopping site. I did find a brand info site from Germany about the brand ke.kosa which was registered to a Spanish owner in 2005, but with a . instead of an !, I can't be sure it's the same. Translation doesn't help as ke kosa means "to vocabulary" in Indonesian. If it was Spanish, it could mean "que cosa" which would translate to "this thing".

The watch is a 3 hand dial design in a metal case. The case is very deep with a raised rim, and so sits about 1.3cm out from your wrist. The hands are unusual with them having a bend just up from the base, so the hand goes backwards first before turning forwards. The face is plain apart from the watch and brand name, but if you look carefully, there is a raised cog design with "teeth" that are the hour markers. The back doesn't help as it only says the watch is by ke!kosa, has a stainless steel back, and is 5atm water resistant (although the use of atm suggests a European influence).

As for date, it is another guess. Going by the date for ke.kosa being a 2000s brand, I'm assuming this is from that time.

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