Friday, 30 January 2015

Hard Tech De Longe by Giuliano

Today's watch is an unusual looking model with a mysterious maker.

The watch is by the brand Giuliano, and has the phrases "Hard Tech" and "De Longe" on the front, so that's what I think the models name is. Searching for the brand gives hots on different watches for sale, but nothing on the Giuliano company itself, although there are different products marked Hard Tech De Longe suggesting this may be the name of a range of products. I do have the price label for this watch as well, and that has the name Giuliano, as well as the statement "Ken's new basic watches, in style for men and women" (but I can find anything about Ken either).

The watch is a quartz analogue model with 2 hands and a disc. Often, it's the seconds that are on the disc in this type, but this time it's a minutes disc with hours and seconds hands. The watch has a chunky metal face with hour numbers, the Hard Tech name, and a bird logo with the De Longe name raised out of the metal. The design covers the bottom half of the dial, so you can only see the top half of the face. To allow the time to still be told, the hour hand has two different designs on the different ends. The small red hour arrow points to the watch face and the numbers 3 to 9, while the other end has a longer silver hand which obscured the numbers on the dial and points to the numbers on the case (9 to 3). For the minutes, there is a 5-pointed star on the logo, and the top point is where you read the time on the disc.

The watch doesn't have much more information about it on the back, with just names, the logo, water resistance statement, and confirmation of a stainless steel back.

The watch originally sold for ¥4,800, and judging by the style, label, and online anonymity, I'd guess at a late 90s to early 2000s release.

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