Saturday, 24 January 2015

Super Lovers - Lovers House Daisies

It amazes me how many different designs of watch have been made for the Harajuku Super Lovers brand, and today is another.

The Super Lovers brand started in 1988 and has inspirations ranging from punk to the London club scene. The watches are grouped into a few different lines, and this one is part of the Lovers House line which tend to be the cuter looking watches.

The watch is a standard shaped 3 hand dial design watch with a plastic case. The face of the watch features the brand's mascots Ken and Merry, the male and female Pandas, sitting meditating in a field of white flowers (like daisies). The strap is also in pink with rows of daisies interspersed with pictures of Ken and Merry.

There is no other information on the watch, with the back being blank. There is no date on the watch either so I'd have to guess this is a 90s design (as the strap has some signs that the strap is beginning to get brittle).

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