Friday, 9 January 2015

Swatch Skin - Rouge De Toi

Today's watch is a rather thin one, and so light you hardly notice you are wearing it!

This is the second (possibly 3rd) Swatch watch I've posted from the Swatch Skin collection. The Skin watches first came out in 1997 and are designed to only be 3.9mm thick. The range has even been a Guinness World Record holder for the thinnest plastic watch. To fit the glass and face within that depth, the movement inside is very wide but flat, and uses an incredibly tiny battery (a 317).

This model is called the Rouge De Toi, and was part of the Fall/Winter 2004 collection (having been designed in 2003). The name translates to "Red From You" assuming the online translation is completely correct. It is a 2 hand dial model with a silver face, red trim, and white numbers. It comes with a thin red leather strap to complete the look.

The model number for this model is SFK206.

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