Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Kaworu 04 - Evangelion watch

Today's watch is another of my anime merchandise watches, and for an anime I've got a few watches from.

The watch features a black & white picture of an anime character and the text Kaworu 04. There is also a quote in small red text around the bottom saying 'God's in his heaven. All's right with the world'.

Fans of the series will have recognised that this watch is from the anime story Evangelion. Kaworu refers to Kaworu Nagisa, and the picture is of the character. The character is hard to explain in a few simple sentences for those who aren't familiar with the basis for the series, as saying that Kaworu is the 17th Angel, one of the Fifth Children, and a Seed of Life won't be helpful to many. If you are interested in finding out more, check out the anime or one of the many Evangelion wiki sites online.

Kaworu only appeared in one episode of the TV series, but had such an impact on fans that the character appeared in many of the later movies and alternative continuities (in the rebuild, he is first and thirteenth Angel). I've also seen on one of the Eva wikis that the Kaworu merchandise is very popular, and his items are often the top of the best sellers list.

I don't know where the 04 comes from, but in the PSP story for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kaworu is linked with the Eva-04 unit, so there could be a link there.

The quote "God's in his heaven..." is one that is part of the NERV logo in the series. NERV is a paramilitary agency under the control of the United Nations who are using the Eva robots to protect the earth from the Angels. The quote originally comes from a verse drama by Robert Browning called Pippa Passes. The verse was originally published in 1841, but became more well know after an 1848 reissue, and the line used on the watch is the most quoted line in the poem.

The watch itself is a simple 3 hand dial design with a quartz movement. It has a large metallic case, which is very light, and features fake screws to make it have a more industrial look. The case has 4 fake buttons, and has hidden the crown so it looks more complex than it really is.

Based on the light weight, and cheap feeling build, this was a low cost promotional item, possible an arcade prize, but I don't know when it is from.

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