Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nivea-Kao Choose Your Own Watch

Today's watch is more than one, or more correctly, one which I could make look different for a long time.

The watch is by Nivea-Kao, which only appears to be a cosmetics company and not a watch manufacturer.

The watch is a simple 3 hand dial quartz watch in a small sized case. The unusual part is that this has a choice of cases, straps, and bezel. Overall, there are 7 cases, 19 bezel (of which 7 are marked and the rest are plain), and 7 pairs of straps. This means that there are 6517 different combinations that could be made (if you mixed and matched the straps too).

The face of the watch has the statement neu 8x4 which I don't know what it means (as it doesn't correspond to the number of combinations). It could be that is comes from 84, as that looks to be the right age for the watch, but that is just a guess.

The other strange part is that the watch uses an Eta movement which is Swiss, but the packaging suggests Japanese or Chinese.

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