Thursday, 15 January 2015

Boy London B014

Today, I'm wearing one of the watches from my Boy London collection, but this one has a very different style than most of the others I've posted so far.

The Boy London name originated in 1976 when the brand was founded by Stephanie Raynor. They disappeared for a while during the 90s and early 2000s before the brand was relaunched in 2007. The watches, however, appear to have been continued, and it seems like they have been produced under license (probably) by a Korean company for at least some of that period.

This model is the B014, and has a full model number on the label of B014/AS14-00. Looking at the stylized B logo on the face, back, and label, this model may have been from a range they produced called B for Boy.  The design on this model is a more metallic construction than the more common models, with a solid silver metal case. The strap is also noticeable, being a solid metal strap with the underside being a curved metal bar with the Boy London name stamped into it, and this piece connected to the case by curved metal struts. The connector for the strap is also unusual, and is a hidden crocodile clip style where you press on a section of the strap and it opens the 'jaws' to release the hinged section.

This is a 3 hand dial watch with a Miyota quartz movement. The face is silver with curvy numbers for the 3, 6, 9, and 12, and just hour markers for the rest.

I've seen this a couple of places online, with a couple of dates shown. The different sites have suggested this is either from 1985 or 2001, and out of those two options, I think that the 2001 date is much more likely (based on the style and markings).

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