Thursday, 8 January 2015

Q&Q Vintage small LCD watch

Today's watch is a nice vintage LCD model from a large, but relatively unknown, brand.

This watch is by the brand Q&Q, which is a name that appears on many watches, but doesn't seem to be too well known. On the back, there is also the name Japan CBM Corporation. The Japan CBM Corp is a sales group rather than a manufacturer, and were formed in 1964. It is a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Company, becoming more integrated into the main brand over time, and it is reported that CBM stands for Citizen Business Machines. The Q&Q line of watches was started in 1976 as a brand for entry level and extremely low price but still quality models. The Q&Q name is meant to mean Quality & Quantity, and this is a theme found throughout their website. The line is still running and quite themselves as being the number one (selling) analogue watch supplier in the world.

This model is a basic LCD design but in a very small package. It has a 5 1/2 digit LCD (meaning it can only show a 1 on the first digit of the hours and needs an am/pm symbol instead), and has a two button operation. One button is there to change the display modes between time and date, while the other is for setting the time. The watch case is approximately square and measures about 2.5cm x 2.5cm. It is a black watch with colourful touches printed in red, yellow, and blue. The case is resin, with a plastic strap, and is quoted as being water resistant (to an unspecified level).

There is nothing on the back apart from the Japan CBM Corp name, so there is no quoted model number.

Having no model number means I can't find a true manufacturing date, but based on the style, complexity, and colour scheme, I'd guess this was an 80s model.

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