Monday, 12 January 2015

Casiotron 76CS-56

Today is the turn of one of the vintage LCD models, and a variation of one I've blogged before.

This watch is one of the Casiotron watch by Casio, which were one of the first LCD watches by Casio. This model is the Casiotron 76CS-56, and seems to be a variation on the 76CGS-41 I blogged in October 2013. It has a smaller and thinner case shape than many of the early Casiotrons, and so seems to be a unisex or ladies model. As with the other 76xx model, this has a 3 1/2 digit LCD display with day markers along the top. This model also has a stopwatch function, as well as the date display.

It is a silver model with a dark grey face, but there is a gold ring around the face as well. The fine weave stainless steel strap has a part number B221L.

As this is a Casiotron, it will be from the late 70s, with these models usually being from around 76/77.

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