Thursday, 1 January 2015

Benetton by Bulova - United Chronos of Chronos

It's now the start of a new year, and the continuation of my collection.

I'm starting 2015 with a set of watches I've covered before, but this is a much more complicated model than any of the others.

This watch is from the Benetton by Bulova range, which started in the late 80s or early 90s and produced a wide range of colourful watches. Most of the models are basic 3 hand dial designs with a distinctive case shape, however they also produced a chronograph model.

The chronograph watch is called United Chronos of Chronos and is a 2 hand dial with 2 smaller dials. The top dial is a for the seconds while the bottom shows the many different modes the watch has. Modes included in this watch are a calendar, 2x alarms, chronograph, timer, and dual time. The different modes are shown at points around the dial, for example the months on the bezel, and the date around the outside of the dial. There is also a 0 option on the modes for aligning the hands (although I've not completely worked out how the setting mode works). This model has a stainless steel case with a screw back and this has a 5atm water resistance.

There is a number on the back of the watch which suggests a possible model number of BN202. It was a very expensive watch when originally released with a retail price of ¥38,000.


  1. hellou do you have the manual of this jewel.

  2. How difficult his functions adn settings are! Althow I do have the origibal manual, still trying to make work it!!!

  3. I cant figure out how can set the time and reset the crono function to zero!

  4. Let me know please! Thank you!

  5. I got it!
    1. Pull the button at 4:00
    2. Follow you hearth