Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tokima 2014 - Black

Today is the 3rd birthday of my blog, and I'm celebrating with a Tokima.
The Tokima watches are one of my favourite line of watches, and I've got most of the models which have been released.

Last year, was celebrated as the 30th anniversary of the original models, and to mark that event, two new Tokima watches were released. The text for the watch states:
"It's been 30 years years since then, "TOKIMA" is back from the cosmic space. Human will be beyond time and space by mounting a wristwatch-type time machine in the future. Time machine design, which is beyond the dimensions. It's the "TOKIMA". ". A lot more can be found about the Tokima watches in my Tokima overview page here.

The watches are a limited edition release with 1500 units in each of the two colours, black and silver. They have been designed by the original Tokima inventor Katsushi Murakami, and there is a signed note in the box from Murakami himself (and is does look like it is hand signed). There is a video about the watch on Youtube which you can find here.

This model is an upgraded version of the Tokima original shape, and looks a little like the 1998 Original metal watch. It now has a 4 digit LCD display on the back of the head so you can read the time when everything is closed in watch mode. Opening up the head reveals Tokima's had an eye upgrade, with the eyes now being two Swarovski crystals. The LCD on the front is now different too, with the dot matrix being replaced by a two part display with an LCD analogue style dial (3 hand) and a countdown block display with numbers in the middle for the stopwatch mode. The main LCD has buttons on the left of the display, and the head LCD has inset buttons on the sides of the head.
TOKIMA has also grown but has been on a diet since 1998. His body is about the same size but not as deep, but has longer legs and arms, and his head has grown (to be able to fit the LCD).

The strap and robot mount had had an upgrade too. The main part is similar to the 1998 models, but there is now a metal bumper around the outside.

The watch is still for sale, but as it's a limited edition it'll only be around until they sell them all. It is produced by Katsushi Murakami, copyright to Live Works, and sold by Skj-J, and is a Japanese made watch.

This black version has a model number of SKY-95003, and has an rrp of around ¥27,000.
Family photo: 1983, 1998,  and 2014 versions

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