Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lego Clic Time Alarm Clock

Today I'm blogging a clock and not a watch. As well as watches and clocks, I am partial to playing with Lego as well, and today's clock links these themes.

The clock is a Lego clock which seems to be called CLIC Time (or Clic Time). The clock is an alarm clock with a 3 hand dial and a 4th hand to indicate where the alarm is set for. It has a rotating bezel on the edge og the glass which has a finger hole to help rotate it.

It is built as a large square lego piece with the pegs on the top and holes on the bottom. This is used as the base for building, and the clock comes with parts to turn the clock into a robot (or to have the robot as a separate toy). The controls for setting the clock and the alarm are also done with lego pieces. There is a small cog fixed to the case which connects to a large lego cog which can be removed from its cross shaped lego axle. On the top of the case is a red block which pops up and turns the alarm on, and you need to fasten lego to the case to stop it ringing (and I have lego Star Wars because the original pieces were lost).

The watch is powered by an AA battery in a slot at the back. There is a model number for the lego clock set which is 4250339. The earliest date I've seen this online is 2011, but it doesn't seem available new now.

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