Monday, 19 January 2015

Charles Vögele CV-7363

Time for a smart watch today. I've not got anything to dress up for, but need to have a mass battery replacement exercise soon!

This watch is my 3rd by the ex-racing driver Charles Vögele (sometimes written as Charles Vogele if you don't easily have the ö). The brand was started by Charles and his wife and began with motorcycle wear in the 1950s (after Vögele had finished racing). They have now expanded into other clothing lines, with the main company based in Switzerland but the watch arm seeming to be Far East based.

This model is the CV-7363 and is a chunky but small quartz analogue watch. It uses a 3 hand dial, but has 3 small dials in the face. These dials cover day (left), date (right), and 24-hr time (bottom). The face is silver and has two different textures, with shiny metallic blue small dials. There are no numbers on the dial, only hour markers which are missing where the small dials sit. Around the dial is a rotating bezel which has the minutes /seconds for every interval of 10, and a raised marker half way inbetween. The back has info on the make and model number, as well as the material (stainless steel), and the water resistance (200m which is also quoted on the dial as 20 bar).

The strap is stainless steel, and custom made for the case, and the links are in two different textures, alternating between shiny and matt silver.

I haven't found this model number online, so it's hard to put a date on. Based on this stating bar and not atm for the water resistance, and the lack of English pages on the watch brand, I'd assume it was for the Far East market though.

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