Saturday, 10 January 2015

Citizen 7630 - Hello Kitty

Most of the time when I blog merchandise watches they are made by unknown manufacturers. Today's watch is made by a major manufacturer though...

This watch is a Hello Kitty analogue watch. It features the face of Kitty at the 12 o'clock position, and the Hello Kitty name near the bottom of the dial. Hello Kitty is a character by Sanrio, and is actually a girl (not a cat) called Kitty White who was born in London. She was born Nov 1st and is around 5 apples high, and she has a pet cat called Charmy Kitty. The strap is on a matching colour combination, and is a plastic strap printed with a tartan style stitch design.

This Hello Kitty watch was made by Citizen, and is a 3 hand dial design. It uses a 7630 module which is a Citizen quartz movement. The watch has a model number of 7630-A42021, with a number 7630-A42796 in small writing at the bottom of the dial.

The serial number on the watch only has 4 digits, so doesn't follow the normal Citizen pattern, but may suggest less than 9999 were made. The date is given away be the copyright date at the base of the dial which suggests a 1996 release.

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