Sunday, 18 January 2015

Umbro A430 Ana-Digi watch

Today is another of my sporty watches, but one that unfortulately I've not been able to coax into action, so I'm just blogging it for informations sake.

This watch is by the sports brand Umbro, which is currently a subsidiary of the American brand Iconix. The brand started in Manchester as a sportswear and football equipment supplier, and was owned by Nike until 2012.

This is another ana-digi model and has a model number of A480. It has a 3 hand analogue dial in the centre, with 3 LCD windows at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. The LCD windows cover hours and minutes across the middle, with the seconds window at the bottom. The watch modes are shown in the LCD windows, and based on the button descriptions, there is likely a stopwatch and timer (but I've not seen this model online, so haven't been able to confirm it).

The watch has an oval face encased in a plastic shell. The strap is in one piece with the main case, but is made from two pieces of rubbery plastic to give a two colour design.

The dial shows the Umbro double diamond logo and name, and shows this watch is 50m water resistant. The back has the logo and name, along with the model number. The text also says that the watch was "Produced under the authority of Umbro, design owner of the trademarks "UMBRO" and the "Double-Diamond". This suggests that the watch was made under licence, but there is no indication that I could find on who actually made the watch.

As for date and cost, I haven't found any information for this model. I'd guess is was from the 2000s, but that is just a hunch so could be very wrong.

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