Thursday, 5 June 2014

Agnès b V507 dial watch

As I work through my collection, it looks like I am quite a collector of the more obscure fashion watches.

This watch is another from agnès b (without capital letters) and is a smaller size dial watch. The agnès b watches are made by Seiko for the agnès b brand. This collaboration started in 1989 and continues to this day. The agnès b label is older, having started in France 1973, and now is sold worldwide.

This model is based around the Seiko V507 quartz module, and has a full model number of V507-0B80. For this model, the serial number suggests it is from either 2000 or 2010 (but my guess is 2000). It has a 3 hand dial design, but the centre of the dial is hidden behind a silver mirrored circle with the stylized b logo from the brand (which is glow in the dark!). This is housed in a minimalist brushed steel case and has a metal mesh strap (part number E0L9-B.L) with an agnès b clasp.

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