Saturday, 28 June 2014

Snow Sport AirPro lookalike

Today's watch is a little weird. It looks like another model from a distance, but couldn't really be more different.

This watch is called Snow Sport, and there are no makers marks anywhere on the watch. The back just shows it is 'made in PRC' (People's Republic of China) which is a less common  way of writing it, and curiously, it also says the watch is 'not for sale'.

The design looks like one of the models in the Seiko AirPro range. It has the same shape above and below the display where the pump and valve are for the AirPro, but these are moulded and there is no air  cushion on the back. The case here is also solid metal making the watch extremely heavy (as it is huge and really really solid).

The display has a 6 digit LCD (with smaller seconds) with a picture of a running man above. Along the top is a curved set of day indicators. As for modes, this has a stopwatch, and maybe an alarm (there is a buzzer inside).

I don't know when this is from, but I think it is likely from the 90s based on the watch it looks like as well as the low-tech looking module inside.

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