Sunday, 22 June 2014

Crater Quartz Rotating Disc watch

I'm being the champion of unknown Japanese fashion watches again today.

This watch is by Crater (or Crater Quartz). I've seen their models a few times, but this is the most unusual design I've come across.

The watch is a rotating disc take on a jump hour watch, which is not particularly unusual, but this has a more unusual case shape. The case is narrower than normal giving a barrel shape, with a large section at the top for reading the time. The display is clear with a 3 disc layout, but the seconds disc has 4 markers so is more for indication rather than timing.

The watch is assembled in China, but has a Japanese movement. I don't know the date for the watch, but it could be any time from late 90s to now (-I'd guess 00s).

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