Friday, 27 June 2014

Franc dot matrix LED watch

Today's watch is a bright one, but not as much as it should be.

This watch is a dot matrix LED watch with a scrolling display. Pressing the button starts the lights - it starts with some form of pattern before showing the time, which then disappears with a random animation.

The watch is by a company called Franc, but there is no other information about that brand that I've found. The back just mentions the water resistance, but has some weird text - the details of what the buttons do are all written starting with a K (KDATE, KLCK, KSET, and KTEST).

It has a rectangular case with the dot matrix along the middle, hidden within a dotted (indented) band across the middle. The white leather strap matches the design and is covered in small indents

Unfortunately, some of the LEDs have failed on this watch so it's become a little hard to read. I don't know the date, but again I'd guess this was from the 2000s.

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