Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Boy London B-509 Dual Watch

Another travel day, and so another watch with two displays.

This time, it's a model by one of the brands I collect a lot of, Boy London. The Boy London brand was started in 1976 by Stephanie Raynor, and was an underground fashion brand based in Kings Road in London (number 153 according to the back of the watch). From what I've read, the main brand took a break from the mid 80s, through to 2007. But, it seems like many of the watches were produced in the 90s, and this model has the year 1995 as the copyright date in roman numerals on the back (MCMXCV). The back also states "Original creator Stephanie Raynor" with an engraved copy of her signature, and the way the text is written makes me that that the watches may have licenced the brand name rather than being produced for the brand.

This model is the B-509 (or B 509) and is a dual dial model. Actually, it is a dual case model as the two dials are separated by a hinged section with the Boy name on. The two dials are rectangular, and each have 3 hands. The colour scheme of black and silver is set up so that each dial is the inverse of the other. The strap is metal with a BOY H-shaped link to connect to the body and the rest of the links are thick bars with the word London on. Inside each case is a Japanese quartz movement which uses an AG4 battery.

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