Monday, 16 June 2014

Bloom Co., Ltd Alarm Chronograph

Today it's another watch with a strange manufacturer.

The watch is made by Bloom Co., Ltd which is a Japanese company. It is one of several which seem to use the name, but because of a sticker on the back with their phone number, I can tell which one made this watch. This Bloom Co., Ltd seems to be a manufacturing company which is known for making retail Christmas decorations and lights, and is an importer of carved bone and Jade jewellery.

The watch itself is quite high tech looking due to the curved design and part metal casing. The face has a large seconds LCD with slightly curved digits. Below the seconds is the time display in 4 digits, and at the top is a line of small circles for the day of the week. The LCD panel has an inverse style with mirrored digits in a pink surround. For modes, it is an alarm chronograph model, with nothing else. There is also an el-backlight which illuminates the pink area, and there are two buttons to activate it (front and top left).

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