Thursday, 26 June 2014

Azeka Motorcycle Racing Watch

Today I'm wearing the second watch I have by Azeka.

Azeka are a French brand based in the French city of Besançon which seems to be called the watch capital of France. There isn't much about the brand online, but they have a website ( which links the brand to Réparalux. The Réparalux brand is a family watch brand from Besançon which was founded in 1956 by Marcel Humbert-Droz.

This model is a 3 hand dial design with a motorcycle racing theme. The hour hand is shaped like a racing motorcycle and rider (from almost the front). The minutes hand looks like the needle on a speedometer, and instead of hour or minute markers on the dial, the numbers are marked as speeds starting at 130 and finishing at 240 (so it is the pm hours multiplied by 10). The seconds hand is double ended with a chequered flag, so it isn't so easy to use for timing.

The watch is made in France (and mentions Besançon on the back), and the case is 3atm water resistant. The strap is an expanding metal bracelet design. I haven't found anything about the date, but I'd guess it is from the 2000s.

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