Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tokima HD-206 optical illusion watch

Regular readers will know that I'm a big collector of the Tokima Digirobo transforming robot watches. Today's watch is also a Tokima, but it's definitely not a robot...

While looking for the robot watches, I've found out that there is a brand called Tokima that also produces watches but is not related to the Bandai robots. Most of the Tokima watches I've seen have been 80s style LCD models, but they also produced more unusual designs like today's.

This watch is based around a 3 hand dial movement, but with some differences. At the centre of the dial is a rotating disc for the seconds. This means that the hours and minutes hands poke out from behind this disc. The minutes hand is a regular silver hand, but the hours hand is a small red triangle and is a little more difficult to see.

The seconds disc is what makes this design more noticeable. The disc is clear with a spoked wheel design on. Behind this disc is another static disc which is mirrored and also has a spoked wheel design, but with the spokes at a different angle. This means that when the seconds disc rotates there is an illusion that the centre of the disc is continually expanding outwards.

I haven't been able to find out luck more about the age of the watch, but the model number is HD-206, and it has a Japanese quartz movement.

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