Friday, 13 June 2014

Casio SA-500G LCD watch

Today, I've got a mystery Casio to blog, as I've not found a web link to another that's the same.

This Casio model is the SA-500G. So far, I've found lots from the SA series, including the SA-50 and SA-50G, but there is no sign of the SA-500.

From what I've found, the SA series came out around 1984, although one site suggested 1986. They all were similar LCD models and shared the use of a Japanese Casio 145 module. The case design was also similar across the range, and the models were pretty thin for the time (although not compared to the film watch Pela).

The LCD panel has one line of digits (5 1/2 and the seconds are smaller), and holding one of the buttons reveals the day and date. The other modes for the watch are alarm, dual time, timer, and chronograph. There is no separate button for setting, with the setting option at the end when you cycle through the modes.

As well as the model number, there is also a number on the face which is 901A1-116. The strap is a Casio gold coated model with a part number of B-453N.

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