Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bitch Skateboards Watch

Today's watch is a skate-wear watch with a cloudy history.

The watch is produced for Bitch Skateboards. This brand is one that was around during the 90s which is a period where there seems to have been a lack of internet information from Japan. It seems that the brand was started in 1993 by Sam Rocco Jr and his wife Kim, and was an anti-brand for Girl Skateboards. After a short while, the brand broke down and the name was sold to a Japanese company. The original logo used the male and female bathroom symbols, but with the man pointing a gun at the woman, but it seems like this was toned down or reversed in later products (probably after the sale). Reports online suggests that the brand is rarely seen outside of Japan, and is something of a holy grail for collectors (especially the originals).

This Bitch Skateboards product is a watch, and has a typical 3 hand dial design. There is a date window at the 3 o'clock position, and it has a rotating bezel. The numbers and hands are glow in the dark, and the 24 hr numbers are in small text inside the main markers. The face and back feature a Bitch Skateboards logo, but with the man and woman symbol holding hands. It has a fabric and velcro strap with the word Sportism on, but this may not be original.

As the brand started in the 90s, and seems to have disappeared into the internet black hole, I'd guess that the watch is from the 90s.

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