Friday, 6 June 2014

Nike ACG Aqua Series - WW0002 Tempest

Today, I'm wearing another of my Nike watches, and this time it's a unisex model. I almost didn't have too much to say about this model as my normal website for finding Nike models wasn't there anymore, but luckily I ended up finding it as it seems to have been moved (or archived).

This watch is from the Nike ACG series which is their range for outdoor activities and are more rugged than the pure running ranges. This model is from a series they called the ACG Aqua Series which have rubbery designs to promote water resistance, and this model is 100m water resistant. The watch itself is called the Tempest and was one of many designs in the Aqua series. There are also nearly identical models called Tempest Flow and Tempest III, but those seemed to be more brightly coloured variants.

The watch has a 2 line LCD (which seems to be failing a little on my watch) with a 6 digit top line (time) and month & day on the bottom. Inside is a WG51 module running the modes which are chronograph, timer, alarm, and dual time.

The full model number is WG51-4000, which looks like a Seiko number. From the date setting mode, it seems like it was made in or shortly after 1998.


  1. Do you know where I could get a replacement band / strap for these watches??

    I've had one since 2002 with a broken band.

    Yes, I might as well throw it away by now, but it has sentimental meaning to me...

    So if you can advise, please do! Thanks.

  2. I would check on eBay for sure.