Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Deadman Live Wire

Today is another Deadman and yet another different design.

The Deadman (or Dead Man) watches are one of the 1990s brands that are from a period when there doesn't seem to be much internet coverage from Japan. The brand was around in the late 90s and appeared in various watch magazines around the 1998 timeframe. They were a low cost brand (with quartz models around ¥3,800), but had interesting and unusual designs and high build quality.

This model is called Live Wire and has a model number LSD4342. Most of the watches had a GV model number, but some have LSD, although I've not worked out what differentiates the ranges.

It has a 3 hand dial design, but the quartz module is hidden behind a small round dial. Surrounding the dial is a clear glass band, with only the stem for the crown crossing the glass moat around the dial. The glass is also very thick, and protrudes 3mm from the front of the case. The strap is a metal one, and the watch has a Deadman clasp.

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