Sunday, 15 June 2014

Elgin USA Titanium Solar Drive FK-1035

It's another sunny weekend so another solar watch to wear (and this time I got it right).

This watch is the FK-1035-LI by Elgin USA. This is a modern watch which means that it is not related to the original Elgin National Watch Company. That company finished in 1968, and the name was sold to MZ Berger. The brand seems to produce middle range watches, but like todays, they use lots of high quality materials with many watches having titanium cases and straps.

The watch is from their Titanium Solar Drive range, so it has the titanium construction and a solar battery, and the package is 30m (990ft) water resistant (and has a screw down crown). The case has a rotating bezel which is marked with the compass points, and surrounds the 3 hand dial. On the dial are another 3 dials, two which cover the day (left) and date (right), and the last covers the 24 hr time.

I don't know when it came out, but it seems to have been available in light grey, black, and possibly blue.